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Not Just a Performer!

If you're here, I've got a couple of questions for you. Do you like singing? Do you like to laugh? If so, check out some of my other projects below!


 When I wasn't performing on a stage, I started a podcast in 2020 with my friend, Keith, called "We're Only Only Children"- available wherever podcasts are found (and season 2 coming soon). 

I am also a vocal/acting coach with Inner Artist Performance Studios, a remote learning platform created by my friend, Jeff. If you would like to schedule a free trial lesson with me, check that out below!


We're Only Only Children

We're Only Only Children is a brand new podcast where hosts Keith Erichsen and Michaela Moore talk about the struggles of being only children, uncover conspiracies, and talk about famous only children throughout history. WOOC is the only podcast for ONLY only children...and you. Season 2 COMING SOON.

- Listen In Here -

Inner artist performance studios

 Michaela is a skilled pedagogue and specializes in the transition of classical technique as it applies to the modern belt. With 15 years of dance experience under her belt, Michaela is an advocate of training actors in health/wellness in order to maintain stamina for an energized, emotional performance. Furthermore, with over five years of marketing/PR experience, Michaela specializes in general brand/business management for the actor, teaching beginner and advanced performers how to properly market themselves online and in person.

Schedule a Trial Lesson for 50% Off! -

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